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The Advanced Service is designed to save you time and thousands of dollars in
legal fees. This service is intended for newly created or existing private companies
that intend on going public. This service will be useful for corporations that wish to explore, identify, source and decide on what is the best approach for them entering the public marketplace.  The Advanced Service includes direct one on one consultation.  The Advanced Service will provide the following:

  •  Review of existing share structure                                  
  •  Review of board composition
  •  Review of minimum listing requirements
  •  Selection of appropriate Exchange
  •  Selection of legal council
  •  Selection of Auditor and Transfer agent
  •  Selection of Broker Agent
  •  Review of Applicable Security laws and Applicable Securities Commissions
  •  Private Placement/Offering Memorandum templates
  •  Selection of Type of Listing - IPO/CPC
  •  Review of SEDAR documents and requirements
  •  Review of existing Investor Relation firms

In addition to starting up a public listing, Capital West Ventures Inc. provides turn
key sourcing and negotiation for Companies wishing to acquire a trading shell on
the TSXV or NEX. For a detailed listing of current CPC's trading on the TSXV and
NEX shells
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